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Learn about Custom Functions in Excel VBA

Microsoft Excel includes many built‑in functions, like IF, VLookup, SUM, AVERAGE and ROUND. These are pre defined calculations coded into the Excel environment to make it easier for users to produce results. Advanced users may need to create their own user‑defined functions to perform calculations for which no Excel function exists. This useful article will Read more about Learn about Custom Functions in Excel VBA[…]


Simple Tips on Speeding up your VB Code

Turn off Screen Updating This will stop the screen flickering and updating while executing or running macros, and that will greatly speed up your code. Sub Stop_ScreenUpdating () Application.ScreenUpdating = False ‘… (Your Code) Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub Tip: Use Application.ScreenUpdating = False at the beginning of your code and Application.ScreenUpdating = True before Read more about Simple Tips on Speeding up your VB Code[…]

Working with System Information in Visual Basic for Applications

VBA and System Information VBA provides almost no native support for operations involving system information; because Windows itself provides easy-to-call API functions for determining and controlling the environment, VBA doesn’t have to duplicate that functionality. Of course, some of the API functions are tricky to call, and information you need is scattered throughout the Windows Read more about Working with System Information in Visual Basic for Applications[…]

Visual Basic Training Scotland

Microsoft Visual Basic Training Solutions

Our instructor-led hands-on training courses are designed to help attendees learn new Visual Basic programming skills in Microsoft Office suite of applications. By the end of each course you will be confident enough to create procedures and controls for controlling the behaviour and appearance of objects in the relevant software application, create procedures that run Read more about Microsoft Visual Basic Training Solutions[…]