6th February 2019

Microsoft Visual Basic Training Courses

VBA Programming in Office

  • Would you benefit from our Visual Basic Training Courses?
  • Are you repetitively setting up standardised headers and footers across multiple documents in Microsoft Word?
  • Do you want a particular document to prompt the user for input when it opens?
  • Do you need to automate a data import process in Excel?
  • Would you like to set dynamic parameters for a query through a form in Microsoft Access?
  • Are you having difficulty figuring out how to get your contacts from Microsoft Outlook into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet efficiently?

You can perform these tasks and accomplish a great deal more by using VBA for Office − a simple, but powerful programming language that you can use to extend Office applications, and our comprehensive range of training courses will help you become an expert.microsoft office applications training Scotland

Learning outcomes

  • Record macros (depending on the application) using the recorder tool
  • Create user-defined functions and work with the VBA editor
  • Understand VBA concepts and features, create procedures and sub routines
  • Work with variables and Excel objects
  • Use standard programming techniques and concepts
  • Create and program custom forms

Our training courses are designed to help attendees learn new (or enhance their existing) VBA skills in Microsoft Office suite of applications. By the end of each training course you will be confident enough to create procedures and controls for controlling the behaviour and appearance of objects in the relevant software application, create procedures that run in response to specific events, create user forms to accept or display data, validate the data entry in user forms and debug and handle errors in code. Course attendees can also learn how to create custom UDF (User Defined Functions).

Our courses are ideal for people who need to come to grips with the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) environment. Our courses assume a high level of proficiency in the front end of the relevant software, but no prior programming or coding experience is required.

Click on the links below for details of training courses for each Microsoft Office application: